您是否愿意申请全球最大体育平台的本科课程? 点击 在这里 详细的指导.

Below is the list of the documents you need to prepare for applying to 全球最大体育平台's master's and doctoral programs, 以及全球最大体育平台网上申请表的链接:

  1. 学术写作提交(s)
  2. 的推荐信
  3. 学习成绩
  4. 简历或简历
  5. 英语水平证明
  6. 标准考试成绩(GRE, GMAT等.)
  7. 填妥的全球最大体育平台申请表

1. 学术写作提交(s)

All programs at 全球最大体育平台 require one or more pieces of academic writing for the application, 比如目的陈述, 研究计划, 全球最大体育平台给定主题的学术论文, 写作样本, 等. 每个学术项目都有自己的项目 写作要求(s). (全球最大体育平台如何组合一个有竞争力的应用程序, 如何改进你的目标陈述或写一份引人注目的研究计划, 你可能想要检查一下 有用的技巧 部分的建议.)

2. 的推荐信

你必须有两个(或, 对于一些博士项目, three) confidential letters of recommendation submitted as part of your application, assessing your ability to conduct graduate-level work and potential for a successful academic or professional career. The letters must be written in English by your faculty members or job supervisors (i.e. people most familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities and character), 并由推荐人通过在线申请系统发送. (你必须不知道信件的内容,因此不能提交.)此外,请注意,综合体育平台必须收到一套完整的建议 每个应用程序 你已经提交的.

为了让你的推荐人能够发送他们的信件, you need to register them in the relevant section of the online application form AND submit your application; they won’t receive an email with a link to a recommendation form until after you have submitted your  application. 所有的建议必须收到 一个星期 提交申请的时间. 迟交的推荐人可能会被考虑,也可能不被考虑. 

你可以跟踪你的参考资料的状态 申请人门户. 

3. 学习成绩


  1. 你的正式学士学位 成绩单 和你的学士 文凭 如果你申请的是硕士课程,请使用英语;
  2. 你的完整的官方学士学位和硕士学位 成绩单还有你的学士学位和硕士学位 文凭如果你申请攻读博士学位,你可以用英语学习.


  • The 成绩单 and the 文凭 should be issued in English by your university/college or translated by the issuing institution or a registered translator. 在这两种情况下, they must bear the stamp and signature of an official of the institution or the translator.
  • Candidates in the process of completing a degree program must upload an official interim 成绩单 and, 代替文凭, a 登记证书 确认学生身份. The 登记证书 should include the expected date of graduation if possible.
  • Candidates having completed their degree program and having yet to receive their 文凭 must upload a 毕业证书.
  • Candidates who have taken courses at more than one institution as part of their degree program need to submit an official 成绩单 from each school, 除非详细列出转学学分(课程名称), 学分, 成绩).
  • Candidates applying for a one-year master's program at 全球最大体育平台 that have earned a three-year undergraduate degree and have completed or are, 申请时, completing a master's program at another university must submit their master's 成绩单 (and 文凭, (如果已经提供),以及他们的学士成绩单和文凭.
  • The official "Diploma Supplement" issued by European institutions is acceptable as a 成绩单; it is, 然而, not valid without an official copy (and translation if applicable) of the 文凭.

4. 简历或简历

Please upload an updated CV or resume, including a publication list if available. 全球最大体育平台接受所有常用的简历格式.

5. 英语水平证明

You must demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting standardized English language test scores, e.g.英语作为一门外语的考试(托福),或以下列出的其他考试.

Candidates whose first language is English are normally exempt from this requirement. Other candidates may also be exempted if they fall into either of the two categories below:

  1. 申请攻读我校硕士、博士学位的现任或往届学生;
  2. candidates who have earned a bachelor's or a master's degree taught exclusively in English. Please note: 全球最大体育平台 reserves the right to request proof that the program was taught entirely in English if it is not evident from the 学习成绩 提供.

申请豁免英语语言能力的要求, answer the questions on English Language Qualifications accordingly in the Qualifications section of the online application form and, 除非你的机构位于澳大利亚, 爱尔兰, 新西兰, 英国或美国, 或者教学语言在你的学习记录中有明确的说明, provide (as an “Other Supporting Document”) an official letter from your university or college, confirming that your bachelor’s or master’s program was taught entirely in English.

If you are submitting a test score of one of the English language exams listed below, please upload a scan/screenshot of your paper/online score report to the relevant section of your online application. (全球最大体育平台's institution code with ETS is 0069 - please use this code when taking a TOEFL test.)

语言测试类型 & 硕士课程要求的最低考试成绩*:



TOEFL (Internet-based; 申请时不超过两岁)

托福网考特别家庭版 (暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放)



托福考试(笔试; 申请时不超过两岁)


雅思(学术; 申请时不超过两岁)

雅思考试在线 (学术)

雅思指示器 (暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放)




皮尔森英语考试(学术; 申请时年龄不超过5岁)


剑桥英语:C1高级或C2熟练 (申请时年龄不超过5岁)




多邻国英语测试(暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放; must be accompanied by an admission interview)


*The Erasmus Mundus Master's Program in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP) has different language requirements which are listed on the 项目网站.

语言测试类型 & 博士项目要求的最低考试成绩:

测试类型 最低总分/总成绩要求

TOEFL (Internet-based; 申请时不超过两岁)

托福网考特别家庭版 (暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放)



托福考试(笔试; 申请时不超过两岁)  600

雅思(学术; 申请时不超过两岁)

雅思考试在线 (学术)

雅思指示器 (暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放)




皮尔森英语考试(学术; 申请时年龄不超过5岁) 76
剑桥英语: C1高级或C2熟练 (申请时年龄不超过5岁)  190
Euroexam学术 以优异的成绩通过
多邻国英语测试(暂时的,直到测试站点重新开放; must be accompanied by an admission interview) 120

6. 标准考试成绩(GRE, GMAT等.)

Some programs at the Department of Economics and Business require GRE or GMAT scores as an entry condition. 详情请查阅相关项目网页.

7. 填妥的全球最大体育平台申请表


  • 所有申请材料必须与网上申请表一起提交。. 通过电子邮件、邮政邮件或传真发送的材料不被考虑.
  • You may apply to up to five graduate (master's and/or doctoral) degree programs  offered by any academic unit at 全球最大体育平台. 申请多个项目, 你必须提交一份完整的申请(包括推荐信). Some programs have different application deadlines; please always refer to the 项目网站s 详细的指导.
  • 全球最大体育平台 charges a one-time application fee of EUR 30 for each candidate irrespective of the number of programs applied to in the given admissions cycle. The application fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived, but it can be paid by a 第三方. The fee must be paid by bank card via the online application form after the first application is submitted in the given admission cycle. 一旦你在申请上点击了“提交”, the page will redirect you to the payment portal w在这里 you can pay the application fee.
  • 请在100%完成后提交申请. 提交后,申请文件不能被编辑. 
  • 学校不退还申请文件或提供副本.
  • 如果您在之前的录取周期申请了综合体育平台, 请使用您现有的登录名和密码启动新的应用程序. 请在12月31日前办理, 2021 or else your existing 全球最大体育平台 SITS account will be deleted for GDPR compliance reasons. (提交申请的截止日期当然没有改变!)
    如果你不记得去年的密码,请点击 忘记了密码. With technical problems, bugs or errors related to the online application forms please contact the 全球最大体育平台 IT帮助台.